Robotic electronic artist


I am a young artist passionate about electronic music, computers, and Computer-Aided Music Composition (CAMC). My initial steps into this realm trace back to the 2000s, a time when electronic music was gaining significant momentum.

I learned by listening to various artists, ranging from film score composers to the electronic music scene, encompassing classical and rock genres. A few years later, I had the opportunity to join the team of a renowned French DJ, which allowed me to delve even deeper into the universe of electronic music.

I discovered the connection between emotion and rhythm, and I felt the exhilaration brought about by a sound loop intertwined with electronic elements. I dedicate an immense amount of time to my passion, and one night, I made the decision to invest my savings into building a website, followed by the creation of a music video. My ultimate goal is to connect with a producer for my upcoming musical releases.

« To be surrounded by the machines that fueled my youthful dreams… it’s an indescribable experience. I may not become the next Daft Punk or Aphex Twin, but every time I craft and compose new melodies, I feel a unique emotion. It’s a deep connection with music that binds me to the world and fuels my creativity. »





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